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Sharing Sorority Initiation with my Daughter

It has been a few weeks since my daughter was initiated into Delta Gamma and it still hasn’t quite set in yet that we are now sisters in such a special group of women.  I hadn’t been to our sorority initiation since the mid-1980s when I was living in the sorority house. Somehow, my advising responsibiliti

New Initiates at Delta Gamma-Kappa Chapter, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

New Initiates at Delta Gamma-Kappa Chapter, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

es over the years did not put me in that beautiful ritual until now, when I was able to participate as a mother of a new member.   Although Mary Claire suspected I would attend, I did my best to dissuade her expectation using her little brother’s varsity football game as my alibi.  She was not aware that I was present until that very moment when I stepped forward to place my own badge on her during the ceremony.

Earlier that evening, when I arrived at the chapter house to prepare, I was taken to a room where other alumni gathered.  I was stunned to be reunited with three sorority sisters I lived with in college, all of whom had a daughter or special family friend being initiated along with MC!  Who knew?!  What a wonderful surprise and I certainly did not expect all the recollections of undergraduate sorority life to flood back so quickly. It was a loving reminder that being a member of a sorority is truly enduring;  a thread of friendship and love that exists in a constant way throughout one’s life.

Amidst a few shed tears, hugs, and laughter, the experience made a memory for both mom and daughter and I am so glad I took the time to be present. I highly recommend participating in your daughter’s initiation if you are blessed to have pledged the same sorority. Even the young women who had special family friends attend were pleasantly surprised and grateful, making the ceremony all the richer for everyone.  If you are not members of the same sorority, or perhaps not even a fraternity/sorority initiate, you can still participate by sending a congratulatory letter, gift or phone call and by being a great listener when your daughter, in her excitement, wants to share of her experiences and new found friendships in her sorority life along the way…

Mary Claire with her pledge family on initiation eve.

Mary Claire with her pledge family on initiation eve.

Sorority Sisters Website - 03/02/10 @ 3:18 pm

This is an interesting website and I applaud your efforts. I have never been in a sorority but thanks to the sorority girls at Georgia Southern College back in the 80s when I was a newly married artist with a gift shop, my opinions of sorority girls are positive. I had delightful conversations with the girls when they came in my shop and convinced me to make personalized sorority gifts for them. They loved my work and inspired me to come up with lots of ideas for them. Now, years later after raising 5 children, I have gone back to making some custom sorority gifts. I even have a website that offers ideas for sorority sister to make their own gifts. I have a good opinion of sorority girls and every contact that I have with different girls in the course of my business serves to strengthen that opinion.


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